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You Can't Do It ALL!

This season is FULL. Full of errands to run, parties to organize, food to cook, work to be done, chores to check off the list, gifts to purchase, people to please, expectations to fill.....all the while we are meant to find a way to be mentally and emotionally present with our children and our family and also grasp the true meaning of this season. I want to challenge you to SIMPLIFY your holiday: 🔹Speak your truth to the people who push your buttons around the holidays. Give grace and kindness, but be direct about what you can and cannot do. There are certain people that will place unrealistic demands on you and it’s not your job to meet them. Communicate clearly and advocate for your own sanity.

🔹Say no to the holiday activities if you need space or down-time in your schedule.

🔹Though your nephew might really think you’re a hero for going all over town to find a very specific and highly coveted toy this year, you do not need to be the one that finds it. Let someone else have their hero moment.

🔹Decide what activities on your calendar are the most important to you and your loved ones. Nix the rest. You can’t spend time with the people you love when you don’t even have time to rest.

🔹Instead of baking 15 types of holiday treats to share with your friends, family, neighbors and kids’ teachers, consider making just one and making it in bulk. If you’re kicking yourself for setting a precedent that you can’t live up to this year, that’s ok. Wave goodbye to it.

🔹Avoid buying more and more and more. Remember that one day, all those gifts will end up being “just stuff” that lines your shelves, lands on the floor and fills your garage.

🎄Peace be to you this holiday season!

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