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You've Gotta Start Somewhere

I started a fun organizing project in a cute little lady’s room today. 💜 .

The disorder and mess in her room was causing this child to feel actual stress. Play time isn't nearly as fun when you can't remember where you put your favorite American Girl Doll's shoes, and cleaning up? Forget about it. If nothing has a place, then it's actually a mental drain to clean. Every single item that needs to be "put away" now becomes a decision that must also be made. Without any specific order to her space, her room quickly becomes another burden in life.

Having an organized space actually allows us to feel mental freedom because when we need to clean, we no longer need to think about it. Tidying up becomes something that we can do on autopilot.

If you’re someone who is struggling with a home that needs to be re-organized, call or e-mail me to set up an organizing session. I can put you on the fast-track to feeling peace in your environment within the very first session.

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