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How To: Hide Ugly Cords in 5 Minutes or Less


Every time we add another electronic device to our entertainment center I wince. "I guess we will need to figure out where all those cords are going to go now," I hear myself saying. I find that cables and cords are super high on my list of "Things That Make Me Annoyed". Their presence seems arrogant; always sticking out like a sore thumb and grabbing my attention. There isn't even a good solution for cords, in my opinion. Besides running them all through the same place (which isn't always an option), they tend to just stick up behind the DVD player, cable box, or whatever other device you have plugged in.

I've tried zip ties, which is a little bit too permanent for my taste. (You'll realize you need scissors and new zip ties smack in the middle of the moment when you're standing on a ladder, contorting yourself over your television....not ideal.)

I've tried taping the cords together and down behind the equipment, but that's not permanent enough. Tape also leaves a sticky residue and you're still having to cut it or remove it to be able to adjust the cords with each new device addition.

My FAVORITE option is to hide the cords so that my eyes never have to notice them, and it requires no cord sorcery or expensive cord caddies to do it. I just use plain ole posterboard that matches the entertainment center! I cut the poster to the correct dimension as the cubby where the cord tangles are situated, fit it tightly in, and voila! The cords are completely camoflaged. Sometimes you'll need to DRY dust the posterboard and put it back up, or even replace it after a few years. But it's a simple, low-cost option that requires no fuss. Cords totally hidden. You're welcome. :-)


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