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Do You Have Time For This?!

Systems are your friend. They keep your kids on-track after they get home from school, and once your special methods are learned, you’ll feel the weight lift off your shoulders. Those little tasks will no longer belong to you to manage. They will be owned by your kids, and it will alleviate a few extra things to do in your busy day. ✔️Backpack on hook in the garage ✔️Take folder and lunchbox out of backpack ✔️Put shoes in the bin by the door ✔️Put lunch in the kitchen ✔️Open folder and set out for Mom to check ✔️Do homework ✔️Put homework back in folder ✔️Put folder in backpack ✔️Refill water bottle and put in backpack for tomorrow

I often hear parents talk about how difficult it is to get everything done in one day. Between work, kids activities, appointments, obligations, meetings, exercise, making meals and everything in between, it's really hard to fit "being organized at home" to the list. Most of the time we are living in "scarcity" of time (shoutout to #Brenebrown). The American way is to cram so much onto our calendars that we don't have enough time to take a deep breath, let alone make sure our house is clean. Can I get an "Amen"?

Here's something I can assure you of: It IS POSSIBLE for your home to be a place of rest. It is possible to walk in your home and only have 10 minutes of "housework" to do before you need to go to bed. Those days that you run from morning until night? Those days too! There is hope for you. It all comes down to starting fresh with a re-organized space and a system in place for your family. A good system will become a habit, and when your family develops good habits, progress is nothing but inevitable.

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