About Me

I've always believed that the small things matter, in habit and in the home but my passion for organizing homes and planning methods for being productive truly began when I had children.

After bringing home a colicky baby from the hospital, I quickly realized that my time and effort were extremely valuable to me. It became clear that if I didn't refine the way I kept my house organized or the way I managed my time, I wouldn't be able to get any rest, let alone feed myself dinner!

It didn't take a lot of searching to find a community of parents who felt exhausted and overwhelmed with laundry, raising babies and all the tasks on the daily list that seemed to pile up. Friends would say, "You really seem to have it all together." My reply would always be, "Are you kidding? I'm holding on for dear life, but I've just figured out how a good rhythm can keep me sane!"

Everyone experiences overwhelm. It may rise in a season of parenthood, depression, pain with loss of a family member, during the stress of moving jobs and homes, or it comes when you are ageing and just don't have the physical ability to clear the clutter. It happens to us all at some phase of life, and we don't need to struggle alone.  That's why I offer a range of services to match your life stage and your needs.